Hamlet 0.3.0 and Persistent documentation

June 21, 2010

GravatarBy Michael Snoyman

Just two quick announcements: Hamlet 0.3.0 (and 0.3.1) have been released. 0.3.0 switches over to using BlazeHtml as its backend, resulting in much better performance. It does so at the cost of the monadic interleaving abilities of previous versions. Version 0.3.1 simply adds a "trailing dollar sign" feature: see the discussions and the documentation (bottom of page).

Also, I've just written the documentation for Persistent. I think the API is pretty stable at this point, and frankly the Postgresql backend is probably ready for a release. However, I'm holding off a little bit as I'm trying to solve an issue affecting the sqlite backend.

And once that's done, I think I'll be releasing Yesod 0.3.0. This release will most likely not be quite as polished as previous releases: there's currently a confusing redundancy in the API (both Yesod.Form and Yesod.Formable) which I'll most likely leave in for the moment. The reason is that I have plans for a widget system for the following release which will supercede these issues. Stay tuned for more details.


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