ANNOUNCE: conduit 1.0, wai 1.4, and more

February 14, 2013

GravatarBy Michael Snoyman

Anyone who was on #haskell today probably noticed an inordinately large number of uploads from me today. Besides some dependencies getting major version bumps, the motivators for this were two new releases:

  • conduit 1.0.0
  • wai 1.4.0

The former has been discussed quite a bit. For those unaware: this is a mostly backwards-compatible update meant to make the library a bit more accessible. If you're on the FP Complete School of Haskell, you can read the online introduction.

The second release was also very minor: it was the addition of a single field to the Request datatype to track the size of the request body. You can see the discussion on web-devel. The only point of contention was whether to use Maybe or a custom datatype. I ultimately decided for the custom data type, for no particular strong reason.

What's really nice about these two updates is their lack of disruption: since the API breakage is so small, most packages can work with either the old or new version, and therefore upgrading is a simple matter.

Coming back to the upcoming Yesod 1.2: both of these releases are a good start towards 1.2. I have some thoughts on improvements to some of the core components of Yesod, and I'll hopefully be sharing those in the next few weeks. In the meanwhile, we're still tracking some known feature requests on the Github issue tracker, so if you want to get involved, pick an issue and implement it!


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