A new Haskell/Yesod Beginners Blog

May 3, 2020

GravatarBy Alexander Nolte

This is the annoncement for a new Haskell Beginners Blog, which first series of articles will handle the building of two Yesod-projects: a personal Blog with slighly powered batteries and in addition examples of functionality from a small-buisiness-website.

As I have decided to learn Haskell late and not long ago, this Blogpost is written out of a straight programming beginners point of view, and like so will handle also prelimiaries and standarts maybe annoying to people with a different background.

I was a bit afraid to use Yesod as a first step in my learning Haskell journey - you all know it is a big, non trival framework - but somehow, after a while of proving and looking into it, I felt quite save and secure to not miss the point. I mean, moving around in it's structure felt somehow good and plausible. Hope to transport that in this Blog.



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