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July 16, 2011

GravatarBy Greg Weber

The principle sources of information for Yesod have been the book, the source code, and the web-devel mailing list. The community of Yesod users is growing, and we are constantly trying to adapt different approaches. Mail lists keep knowledge concentrated in one area but many users don't feel comfortable using them to ask questions of give answers. We want a system where users are comfortable helping each other out, which is a great way to learn. So recently we have been encouraging the use of:

  • Stack Overflow for basic help questions
  • haskell web-devel mail list for discussions about Yesod or help questions that could likely turn into discussions. Please use subject tags in your posts indicating the topic.
  • IRC (Freenode#yesod) for synchronous communication. Don't expect that you can always get a questioned properly answered here, but it is a great place for discussions brainstorming, and hanging out.

Let us know how you like the system, and how we can improve the flow of information in the community.

One thing that I think would be nice would be to aggregate Yesod blog posts somehow. Blogging is great, but the downside is it can store information off in different corners of the internet that you have to connect with Google searches.

Wiki- now with a tutorial

davidbe has started a Yesod tutorial on the wiki. The goal is to create a beginner level tutorial with a different style than the book- taking a step-by-step approach.

The wiki is a great place to document your knowledge that is not in the Yesod book.


Contributions are what make open source work. There are many different ways to contribute, the most obvious of which is to commit code. Thanks to everyone who has committed to Yesod!

  • Michael Snoyman
  • Greg Weber
  • Matt Brown
  • Kazu Yamamoto
  • patrick brisbin
  • Alexey Khudyakov
  • Hiromi Ishii
  • Erik de Castro Lopo
  • Mark Bradley
  • Vincent Hanquez
  • Stefan Kersten
  • Paulo Tanimoto
  • Michael Steele
  • Stefan Kersten
  • Simon Hengel
  • Ian Duncan
  • DavidM
  • Patrick Palka
  • Bas van Dijk
  • Steven Robertson
  • Rick Richardson
  • Rehno Lindeque
  • Aristid Breitkreuz
  • alios
  • Aaron Culich
  • Yair Chuchem
  • Paolo Losi
  • Michael Xavier
  • Leon P Smith
  • dbpatterson
  • Bryan O'Sullivan
  • Bj√∂rn Buckwalter
  • Leif Warner
  • Hamish Mackenzie


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