Clarification of previous blog post

September 11, 2014

GravatarBy Michael Snoyman

I've heard that my previous blog post has caused a bit of confusion, as sarcasm doesn't really come across in text very well. So let me elaborate (and of course, in the process, kill the joke):

Some years back, Erik found a case that was quite difficult to implement using enumerator. After we cracked our heads on it for long enough, some of us (I don't actually remember who was involved) decided to work on a new streaming library. That library ended up being called conduit (thanks to Yitz for the naming idea). It turns out that most people are unaware of that history, so when at ICFP, I casually mentioned that Erik was the cause of conduit coming into existence, some people were surprised. Erik jokingly chastised me for not giving him enough credit. In response, I decided to write an over-the-top post giving Erik all credit for conduit. I say over the top, since I made it seem like there was some large amount of blame being heaped on as well.

So to be completely clear:

  • Erik and I are good friends, and this was just a bit of an inside joke turned public.
  • No one has said anything offensive to me at all about conduit. There are obviously differing opinions out there about the best library for a job, but there's nothing offensive about it, just healthy discussion around a complicated topic. My purpose in making a big deal about it was not to express frustration at anyone attacking me, but rather to just play up the joke a bit more.

My apologies to anyone who was confused, upset, or worried by the previous post, it was completely unintentional.


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