Yesod 0.7 Migration Guide

February 4, 2011

GravatarBy Michael Snoyman

Well, Yesod 0.7 is almost ready for release. Thanks to everyone for some great ideas: I consider the "Please Break Yesod" campaign to be a huge success. There have been a huge number of API tweaks, feature enhancements, and all around goodness.

I have just converted the Haskellers codebase to Yesod 0.7, and have taken detailed notes on changes you'll need to make. The process is not that bad really: it took about half an hour for me to convert the code and write up the docs.

So that we can get inline commenting, I've put the guide up as a chapter of the Yesod book. I'm planning on making the actual release Saturday night Israel time, assuming I don't get any major bug reports before then.

I will hold off on the list of new features for the release announcement. However, I have just released some new packages: Hamlet 0.7, Persistent 0.4 and wai-handler-devel 0.2. Some quick comments:

  • Hamlet 0.7 involves a lot of new syntax changes. I appreciate the community's feedback on this: I think we've created a much better product. Check out my previous blog post for migration information, and the Wiki page for some of the surrounding discussion.

  • Persistent saw no real changes. The main reason for the new major version number is the migration to the monad-peel package. By the way, that package is a work of art, I strongly recommend people start looking into it as a replacement for MonadCatchIO-*. Anders has done an amazing job.

  • wai-handler-devel has a much more elegant underlying approach (which if I had time I would blog about). It's actually getting close to a proper plugin system, which is something I'm interested for my upcoming LambdaEngine project. </tease>

New site design

I've also finally revamped the Yesod site to use the new Haskell color theme that's been going around. I personally like the change, but wouldn't mind any critiques. We also have a new Yesod logo. If it looks a little funny to you, flip it upside down, it should look more familiar that way.


For those of you who can't wait, or who want to help me out with some testing, you can get the most current version of the packages from Yackage. If you find any bugs, please let me know!


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