First 11 chapters are Yesod 1.2-compliant

June 23, 2013

GravatarBy Michael Snoyman

It's been a while since I've written a post. Besides being very busy at work, a lot of my time has gone into getting the Yesod book up-to-date with Yesod version 1.2. And today, I'm happy to report that the first 11 chapters, comprising the "basics" section of the book, have been converted.

You can view the new content at the 1.2 URL. Once the entire book is converted, I'll switch the URLs, but will continue hosting the 1.1 version of the book at its own URL. I intend to continue this pattern for any future releases as well.

I intend to continue the conversion process, but I also intend to augment the book. In particular, I have a number of new examples to add. My current plans are:

  • JSON serving
  • Client-side development with Fay
  • An updated subsite example based on 1.2 features
  • Easy generation of streaming data
  • How to store some initialized data in the foundation
  • Getting configuration from environment variables
  • Writing your own Template Haskell code

If anyone has suggestions for changes to this list, let me know.

As for the newly converted content: comments and pull requests are, as always, welcome!


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