A new Yesod book in Portuguese

December 19, 2019

GravatarBy Alexandre Garcia de Oliveira

Yesod users,

In order to help to spread the Yesod word here in Brazil, we, Alexandre Garcia de Oliveira, Patrick Augusto da Silva (@ptkato_ on Twitter), and Felipe Cannarozzo Lourenço, wrote a book, recently released, about Yesod called "Yesod e Haskell: Aplicações web com Programação Funcional pura" ("Yesod and Haskell: Web applications with pure Functional Programming", in English).

The book covers the principles of developing a web application with Yesod. Needless to say, it follows the same model of Alexandre's first book on Haskell, giving a much needed insight into the Yesod world within the Brazilian borders.

The book aims to allow the reader to learn Yesod from scratch, starting from the basics, like setting up the environment using stack, and using a monolithic example in a single file, to explain the foundations of the framework. The book goes through the Stackage's snapshots, the difference between templates and scaffolding, Shakespearean Templates, type-safe routing, persistent basics, authentication & authorization, finishing up with a RESTful app example.

The idea of writing a book about Yesod came to fruition during one of Alexandre's lectures on Yesod at FATEC-Santos, when it was realized that many students didn't read English at all and Yesod documentation in Portuguese was virtually non-existent. Not only that, the volition to write this book became even stronger when the TAs' (Patrick and Felipe) tutoring classes were almost always spent on going through the same topics, when Portuguese documentation could have easily solved the problem.

All the pedagogic skills to write this book were founded on top of the fact that it was written in an academic medium, considering that, it was shaped in such a way that fits the needs of an undergrad student fairly well. Now, hundreds of FATEC-Santos alumni experienced the joy of using Yesod, Santos indeed is the city in Brazil with the highest number of people who knows Yesod. We're committed to pushing Yesod forward through the local market, and maybe in the future, even beyond.

The book was published by "Casa do Código" and can be found here.


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