Changes to Yesod's CI

February 8, 2017

GravatarBy Michael Snoyman

I've made some changes in the past few days to the CI setup for the yesodweb/yesod repo that I thought contributors may be interested in knowing about.

  • We were regularly running into build timeouts on OS X on Travis. To work around this, we no longer build benchmarks and Haddocks on OS X, and compile with -O0. Relevant Travis changes
  • I've (finally) bit the bullet and made the repo compile with -Wall -Werror enabled, at least for recent versions of GHC. From now on, PRs will need to maintain warning-cleanliness. Relevant Travis changes
  • There's now an AppVeyor configuration, so PRs can be checked against Windows (in addition to the existing Linux and OS X coverage provided by Travis). This did, in fact, reveal two issues around line endings. Relevant AppVeyor addition.

Nothing major, just a few changes that contributors should be aware of. Hopefully that green checkmark on a PR will now have a few less of both false positives and false negatives.


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